Himachal Tours

Himachal Pradesh has always been the priority destination of nature lovers. We welcome you to visit this beautiful part of India. Looking forward to exploring beautiful destinations in Himachal Pradesh such as Kullu valley in Himachal, Beas River valley in Manali, smallest Himalayan hill resorts in Chail, Dharamsala, etc. For pristine natural beauty, ancient monasteries and temples, adventure activities, unique art and craft, delectable cuisine, dance and music, and exotic honeymoon destinations. Himachal Pradesh also has plenty of forts, palaces, and monasteries that are of utmost cultural and historical importance. Shimla, a very popular tourist destination amid Indians, offers a visual treat for history lovers as well as experience seekers.

History of Himachal

Situated in North India, the state of Himachal Pradesh was known to be inhabited by the people of Indus valley civilization. Over time, these people have been known as Dasas, Dasyus, Nishadas, Kinnars, Nagas, and Yakshas. The Aryans are said to inhabit the land of Himachal Pradesh back in time. The state is home to much fascinating folklore that one can learn more about during one’s visit. Himachal Pradesh is connected to the far corners of China, Tibet, Ladakh, and Kashmir. And even today the Himachal tourism drag in tourists for its well-off handicrafts and culture, and the rippling landscape with its mountains, valleys, and rivers. With such a bevy of attractive destinations to attract all hearts, it is indeed hard to choose the ideal destination. Also, these visitor places get completely full in the peak season. So you need to do some prior planning in order to grab the best Himachal tour packages.

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